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» Now hosting Vadlor's Nightcrawler set. 09.19.06.

» New Skins & Eyes pack for Kyle available in Downloads 12.20.05.

» Now hosting JLogan's Buster Sword. 09.29.05.

Now avaialable at Poser Pros!

The Little Mages Texture Pack
Five intricate textures for Ichrio Clothing Pack 5 at RDNA to add a little magic to your renders! Includes morphing magic wand prop!

Gothico for Ichiro 2
Vampire, goth rocker, or just some guy who doesn't get enough sun - this versatile texture package allows you to mix and match many looks for you I2 character.

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to the Ether Forge, a site created to showcase various digital creations of yours truly designed with or for use in Poser, a graphics and animation program. I decided to call this the "Ether Forge" because of the nature of most of the downloads; many of them are fantasy-stlyed weapons for Poser 3 & 4, forged, not out of metal, but out of numbers and arrays. I have heard some web creations referred to as "Ether-ware", and it seemed appropriate. Besides, I think "Digital Forge" was taken. ;-)

There are four main sections to this site. They are:
Images - A collection of digital artwork. These range from still images to animations. All of them were created by me for no other reason than desire to create.
Downloads - A collection of textures, morphs, and props for use within the Poser program. These are free to download to whoever wishes.
Tips - A collection of handy things I've learned over the years with Poser. If you're just starting out, you might find these useful as well.
Prophecy of Jessa - An illustrated story I'm working on. The presentation pages are rough but the story is complete.

I hope you will enjoy your stay. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at

Best wishes,

Quick note: No I'm not dead, just easily sidetracked for long periods of time, however, the Poser bug did bite again so there are a few new images and a few old "I should have put this up months ago" images as well. I don't know if I ever will vbe back completely, but I seem to be drifting back in the digital art direction as I bemoan the fact that I have to spend most of the day working for a living instead of devoting my life to making stuff. You know what I mean ;).
-Mea 07.11.03

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