Prophecy of Jessa

Part 1: Returning Home

"My dearest son, things are not well here at home. Each passing day, Lady Ishar continues to defy the council of Lords and your father insists they do something soon, yet none will stand with him any more. With the tragic death of Lord Anders, there are fewer and fewer who will stand against her.

Rinn, please come home soon. I fear things are growing worse all the time and would feel better if you were here by your father's side should trouble arise.

Your loving mother, Leiah..."

The letter had arrived two days ago, and though Rinn had traveled night and day to return as fast as possible, he saw that he was far too late.

The ruined house still reeked with sickening smell of the burning which assaulted him the moment he stepped inside. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the dark before he saw the decimation inside...

Behind him, the crest of Lady Ishar fluttered in the breeze as if mocking his pain.