Prophecy of Jessa

Part 3: Facing Ishar

Though he fought, Rinn knew he was being overwhelmed. He was faster and better trained, but the brutish guards were stronger and more numerous. A sword grazed his chest and something struck him in the knee and he fell to the ground, his blade skittering across the stone out of reach as the orcish assailants closed in...

"ENOUGH!" a cold female voice cut through the melee. "Show him to me."

Rough hands dragged Rinn to his feet and over to a woman dressed in blood red who regarded him with disdain.


"And who have I killed, little boy," she said in a voice like poison honey, "They say I've killed many people."

"My family, Lord and Lady Dissan! You killed them! Then, you burned them! YOU BURNED EVERYTHING!"

"Ah..." said a Ishar thoughtfully. "So you're the final son of House Dissan. Just as it was foretold."

She smiled a sinister smile. "I've been expecting you."