Prophecy of Jessa

Part 4: Prophecy

"I know what you're here for. Now how did it go again..? Oh yes..."

As she approached him, Lady Ishar began to quote a strange verse in an almost singsongy tone:

"With dying breath, Dissan did weave
a spell for his final son,
If he should die, the so shall Ishar,
their lives entwined as one.

But final son of House Dissan
would not hide himself away.
Anger burned deep in his heart
Ishar he swore to slay

So to Ishar's home with sword upraised
came the last of House Dissan
Though he would die, so shall she
and in death his vengeance won..."

"Your plan has failed," she said at last. "I know about your parents' spell."


"What are you talking about?" Rinn angrily shot back.

"Don't play the fool. Before they died they linked your soul to mine to protect you. Subtle but powerful magics, I am studied in such things. They probably knew I'd find out in time while you hid and that alone would save you from me. I have ways of knowing many things."

"But instead of staying hidden," she taunted, "you chose to throw away that protection and use the spell against me. You, a foolish child playing at being the mighty hero, charge blindly in, possibly kill me and die in the process, or more than likely fail and I kill you for your intrusion, and thereby bring about my own death. Either way, vengeance would be yours."

He winced as the witch queen traced a finger down his cheek, her touch so cold it seared his skin.

"It might have worked," she continued, "but you see, a prophecy has revealed this little scheme to me, and that is why neither you nor I will not die this day. In fact, I intend to live a long life, and if that means keeping you alive, then so be it."

She turned to her guards. "Search him and take anything that might be useful," she ordered, "Then lock him in one of the cells below."

"After all," she added with a smirk, "We must keep the poor thing safe."