Prophecy of Jessa

Part 5: The Cell

The thuggish guards dragged Rinn away and in no time he found himself stripped of his belongings and roughly shoved into a dark cell with the iron door clanging shut behind him.

At first he threw himself at the bars as if to tear them from the foundation, but then a wave of despair washed away his blind fury, allowing him to see clearly again.

Gods, he thought, what do I do now?

And what did Ishar mean 'my parent's spell'? They didn't know any magic... I think. No, they would have told me. My family would have...

My family...

Oh gods, what have I done.

The last of his strength suddenly melted away and he sunk to his knees against the bars, cold realization freezing into a lump in his stomach

I didn't even stop to bury them. I rushed off, I was so angry, I didn't think and now... oh gods, what HAVE I done.

It was too late now. There was nothing left. His family was dead, and he was defeated, battered, imprisoned, and all alone...