Prophecy of Jessa

Part 9: Jessa

A faint glow resolved itself into the figure of the strange girl who'd visited him earlier.

"We should have a little time," she said in hushed tones. "Her guards will wait until they're sure your asleep before they come back."

"What are you?" he asked warrily. "Are you a spirit? How did you know my name? Why are you helping me"

"I'm not a ghost," she answered. "This is only a shadow of myself. It's the only way to leave my cell. I'm a seer."

"A seer?" Rinn thought a moment. "Like at the Temple of Oracles?"

She nodded. "That used to be my home, until Ishar came." The girl looked away. "She keeps me in this place now," she added quietly, "to tell her things."

"Like prophecies?"

The girl nodded again. "She told you then. '...If he should die, the so shall Ishar," she recited, "their lives entwined as one'."

"I heard it," muttered Rinn. "It just makes no sense."

"It means that her soul and yours are-"

"Oh, I understood that part, It's just... It can't be right. It's just not possible. I knew my parents well, or I thought I did. They didn't know any magic, let alone anything the power over souls. But now somehow its been foretold that I'm bound to that witch Ishar by a spell that my parents did? What kind of prophecy is this?"

Jessa smiled a little. "One I made up."