Prophecy of Jessa

Part 11: "Someone's coming..."

There was a sound of metal hinges from nearby.

Jessa gasped "The guards!"

"Hide," ordered Rinn. "Hurry."


"Don't worry, I have a plan."

The girl's faint form faded away as Rinn quickly lay down on the floor and pretended to sleep. In truth, he didn't have a plan, but maybe something would come to him. Carefully, he listened to the sounds as they got closer.

"...been long enough?" he heard one say.

"If he's not out by now, he's not gonna be out."

"I don't see why she doesn't just kill 'm."

"She's got her reasons. Look, see? I told ya'. Sleepin' like a babe."

"You sure?"

Rinn heard the jingle of metal and the sound of a heavy key click in a lock.

"'Course I'm sure. Now, help me get him move 'im."

It sounded to Rinn like there were only two guards, which was better odds than the group that met him on his arrival. Unfortunately, that meant he was still outnumbered, and they were bigger and far better armed than he. However his father had trained him well, and he did have the element of surprise.

"I still think we should break his legs first..."

Rinn tried not to wince at the thought.

"No, then he might die while we're movin' 'im and then she's have us flayed alive for that AND for disobeyin' orders. Now, are you gonna help me or not? I'm not gonna to lug him by myself."

Surprise and training - Rinn hoped that would be enough.