Prophecy of Jessa

Part 12: Escape

Rinn forced himself not to move as a boottoe prodded him in the ribs one or twice. His timing had to be perfect.

"Gods, he is sleepin' hard." he heard one of the guards say. "She musta given 'im the strong stuff."


Rinn kicked out hard in the direction of what he hoped was the guard's unarmored knee and was rewarded by a loud bellow of pain and a string of orcish curses as the guard fell, clutching at his leg in pain.

He quickly rolled to his feet and launched himself in the direction of the other surprised guard trying to draw his sword. Rinn's shoulder hit tarnished chainmail as his momentum drove the orc hard into the wall, causing him to drop his weapon which clattered loudly to the stone floor.

Before the guard could recover completely, Rinn darted down and snatched up the fallen sword in his off hand. Slightly off balance, he took a quick swipe at the guard, who managed to jump back out of the blade's reach, and then half-dashed/half-stumbled through the open cell door. The keys were still in the lock, so as Rinn slammed the door behind him, he gave them a quick turn and jerked them free before the guard at his heels could reach at him through the bars.

And then, without looking back, he ran.