Prophecy of Jessa

Part 14: Ishar's Lair

Does she expect me to walk through solid stone? Rinn thought to himself as he stared at the wall in front of him.

"Jessa, I-"

"It's this one, I think," she whispered, running her transparent fingers across a stone that looked like all of the other stones. "Press it."

Rinn reached out and touched it and was surprised as the brick sank back into the wall under the slightest pressure. There was a sharp "click" and a large section of bricks swung inward like a door with hardly a sound, revealing a twisting staircase beyond.

"She's down there," said Jessa quietly. "Few of the guards even know of this place."

Rinn nodded.

"Please... be very careful. I wish there was something else I could do..."

"You've helped me get this far," Rinn told her. "That's more than I could have ever asked."

He reached out to touch her cheek, feeling the strange cold tingle of nothingness as he did so. "I'll find you soon," he told her. "Very soon."

Then, steeling his resolve and tightening his grip on the blade, he descended the stone stairs.

There was light below and the heavy scent of incense and chemicals and perhaps a hint of blood, but that may have been his imagination. His bare feet were practically soundless against the cold stones as his steps took him ever downward towards the room below.

There she was, Ishar the Witch Queen, amid shelves of books and magical trinkets and other things she'd collected, studying some ancient tome with her back to him.

She didn't know he was there yet. If he moved fast, maybe he could take her by surprise...