Prophecy of Jessa

Part 15: The Witch Queen

Rinn hardly dared breath as he stepped into Ishar's sanctum, sword held tight in his hand.

He had to end this. The witch queen couldn't be allowed to live after all she had done.

He moved closer.

Suddenly, Ishar turned and there was a flash of green and a force lashed into him filling his limbs with a searing cold and lifted him off the floor.

The witch queen stepped forward, looking him over. "Still playing at being the hero I see," she purred. "So eager to throw your life away. Presumptuous too, to think you could attack me in my personal quarters."

Rinn gritted his teeth, forcing himself to keep silent as the witch queen gestured ever so slightly to tighten the spell's grip on his body.

"And yet," she continued, her voice growing colder with each word, "You are resourceful to have made it so far on your own. That makes you far more troublesome than I originally anticipated, but killing you is unfortunately not an option. I had hoped my guards would have taken care of this unpleasant business, but it seems that I shall have to personally make certain you are in no shape to ever defy me again."

Numbing pain filled his limbs as Ishar's spell clawed its way into his body. He could feel pressure against his very bones as if something was trying to bend them double. Try as he might, he couldn't stop himself from crying out in agony knowing that any second his bones would crack like dry twigs.