Prophecy of Jessa

NOTE: this page is really REALLY rough right now since I've been doing layout when the boss isn't looking (shhhh). I'm still building it, but I just couldn't wait to show it off any more

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This is an illustrated story of vengance and destiny written and designed by me mostly just to see if I could do it. This is an ongoing project with more to come soon.

Technically, it all started with a dress.

"Dark Mage for Aiko" at RuntimeDNA to be exact. I won it in a mini contest and made a picture with it for the creator. I didn't exactly have a plan when I started, but something just kind of evolved, and voila! Defiance was born.

I posted it and it got a very good reception. And something else.

People started asking me "what happens next?"


I hadn't really thought that far. But why can't there be a "next"? Or a "previously" either?

And so I started trying to come up with a story around this little scene and a little germ of an idea started to grow, but I wanted to do it right so I started making notes. LOTS of notes: what I wanted to do, what I needed to get, what I had, what needed building now, and what could be built later...

And before I knew it, I was starting on the prologue and page one images (which as of this writing were the hardest to do) Things just started to click and suddenly, this unplanned project was becoming a whole heck of a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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pt 1: Returning Home

pt 2: Rage

pt 3: Facing Ishar

pt 4: Prophecy

pt 5: The Cell

pt 6: Not Alone

pt 7: Mysterious Shade

pt 8: Waiting

pt 9: Jessa

pt 10: Truth and Promise

pt 11: "Someone's coming..."

pt 12: Escape

pt 13: Follow

pt 14: Ishar's Lair

pt 15: The Witch Queen

pt 16: Jessa's Fall

pt 17: Desperation

pt 18: The Sword

pt 19: Silence

pt 20: The Little Room