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The following are downloads designed for use with Poser 4 and 5 and possibly 6. Terms of use are included in the ZIP file. Except for the textures, these downloads were designed for windows only. They can be used with an Apple system, provided they are converted with MacConverter (available at the Soft Rabbit) first.

I can be contacted at if you have any problems or questions.

Textures - Morphs and Characters - Props

Poser Props

Warlord's Breastplate ver 1.2

Fixed normals problem, now includes texture maps and a few fit morphs

Helm of the Warlord ver 1.2

Fixed normals problem, now includes texture maps

Kirby-Styled Stocks ver1.2

Does not include figure, now includes texture maps

Mystic Crown for Ichiro

Demon Blade

Katar (Punch Daggar)

Helm of the Bladeguard

Warlord's Bracers

Includes left and right bracers

Sailor Scout Styled Tiara

Cobra Dagger

Winner of the 2000 PFO Props Contest

Street Samurai Blade

Hightech Headset

Flintlock Gun

Flintlock Musket
adapted by JohnW from the Flintlock gun

Wisdom Sword

Sword of Aries

Sea King's Trident

Sword of the Fey Prince