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The following is my gallery of images created with Poser 4 (occasionally assisted by other software) Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. Please note that a few of the images do contain nudity. It is done it what I believe to be a non-exploitative way, but if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are 100% digital. I have broken the gallery down into pages for better loading time.

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Will Eisner tribute Rendered in Poser 5 (P4 render engine for look), post in Photoshop. I am a big fan of Will Eisner. I personally think he was one of the most influential men in comic books and graphic novels. I even got a chance to meet him once, wonderful person. I was very heartbroken when I learned of his death earlier this year. I made this tribute using my favorite model (Ichiro) but I'll be honest, I wish I had spent more time on it. He deserves much better.
Added 08.26.05
Chosen Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. you may have seen this elsewhere on my site. It's in my Toonshade tutorial. I was just playing around and hadn't done a toon shade in a while and this came out. I like the look, but then again I like simplistic. :)
Added 08.26.05
The Body Shop Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. I got RawArt's skin for my cyborg on a whim over at DAZ and wound up LOVING it. And since I was still in my mad scientist mood, I had to do this one. The text kind of popped into my head while I was working on it. BTW: the doctor is a little used character called "Don" who comes with P5.
Added 08.26.05
R. Battlemage Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. Another Secret Santa picture. This time I drew Rick Battlemage. The only reference I had for his avatar was a Microhero, which meant that details were sparse. It also meant I could take a few liberties with the costume, like adding a pauldron on one side and a few arm wraps and some tweaks to the mask. The sky is completely Photoshop.
Added 08.26.05
Ichiro Series All Poser 5 renders, post in Photoshop. This group was done to showcase Motsura's Ichiro clothing, which sadly I don't think were ever released. Too bad, they were quite fun to work with. All of these were done Toon style to hilight the cartoonish nature of the characters.


Player 1, FIGHT!

Disco Fever

Stolen Dinner
Added 08.26.05
"The Littlest Soldier" Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. Sean Martin is another Poser artist who does great characters. he did a series entitled "The Littlest..." and featured all kinds of characters based on Koshini and Ichiro (primarily the latter). Some great writing and great characters, and this is my take on the style. It uses a character I was working on for a currently DOA web comic project.
Added 08.26.05
Defender Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. Okay, so I suck at titles. I think this is my first picture rendered with Michael 3. It was just playing around for the most part. I tried to do as much of the effects in Poser as possible, but in the end I started tweaking in PS, and I think I went a little blur crazy
Added 08.26.05
Dancers Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. Just some fun with Motsura's suit. You'll see more of that in my Ichiro Series on this page. For some reason, the suit really made me think of disco. I blew out the contrast and light on purpose to give it that flashbulb feel.
Added 08.26.05
An Evening With the Guys Rendered in Poser 5, post in Photoshop. Just some fun for the K-Family group. This was for the Halloween Challenge, who's themes were "Halloween" or "The Addams Family". When I was in grade school one of the local stations aired the Addams Family before I had to leave, so I got hooked on it. The lilghtbulb thing sticks out in my mind.
Added 08.26.05