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The following is my gallery of images created with Poser 4 (occasionally assisted by other software) Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. Please note that a few of the images do contain nudity. It is done it what I believe to be a non-exploitative way, but if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are 100% digital. I have broken the gallery down into pages for better loading time.

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Programmer at Work Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. This was my secret Santa gift to a guy named Dr. Mike2000. He's an excellent Python programmer and game modder, and so I made him this wallpaper. I had no idea what he looked like, so I made a kind of generic "programmer" character to represent him, and then added details from his work and website all around him (such as the figures floating around him).
Added 02.17.04
The Deadly Duo My 2004 Freedom Reborn Christmas Card. this was just a fun image to make mostly because it was all character related. The characters, left to right are Captain Spud, King-Be, and Blue Bard. It was a quick and simple picture, and kinda silly picture but I think it reads well even if you don't know who anyone is.
Added 02.17.04
Link Exploring Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. I was surprised no one had tried this before - Ichiro is the perfect model to make Link from the Legend of Zelda series, but I'd never seen one before. Who knows why. At any rate, thanks to a few good freebies over at Renderosity, I was able to do this one just for fun.
Added 02.17.04
Man Verses Machine Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. This image was created for the Freedom Reborn 2004 calendar. Lame title I know, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else to call it. The lead character is Direwolf who appeared on one of my earlier images if you want backstory. Never could get a convincing spark arc on this one so I left it out, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.
Added 02.17.04
Halloween Humor Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. As a very active member in the Freedom Reborn community as Glitch Girl ("Double-G" to some), I can never resist a chance to try a bit of comedy. Night Dragon is back again, this time as victim (for some reason, I really like how this character turned out), witnessed by (left to right) G'Day Bloke, Agent of HAMSTER, Zapow the lawyer, Volt, and Mental Fatigue (a fellow poser artist). Ichiro has officially replaced Mike as my favorite model.
Added 02.17.04
Beach Party Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. This image was created for the Freedom Reborn 2004 calendar and is THE most complex image I'd done to date. Seven Poser characters, all their clothes, and a whole mess of props. (actually, it was six Poser characters - one had to be added later when I hit critical mass). From left to right: Glitch Girl (me), MikeB7, Cardmaster, Lightning Bug, Randy Ripoff, G'Day Bloke, and Volt.
Added 02.17.04
Angelic Rendered in Poser 4, background in Photoshop. A simple toon shade improv, took less than a half hour to put together, but it was fun and I'm very happy with the final effect, though I may eventually soften some of the areas of color on the skin - but something about the edges appeals to me. By the way, Koshini and Ichiro hair models work great for toon shading, believe me.
Added 09.19.03
Too Far... Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. Ah, the Creeper model... great looking creature, royal painindabutt to work with because you have to keep track of so many frickin' limbs! You thought ten fingers was hard to keep track of, try twenty-four fingers and six toes! This picture also took forever to get a decent camera angle on that felt right. I probably should have come up with a custom texture for the ruins, but it was already taking forever and a day to get the rest of the picture together and my machine was starting to show signs of not enough memory.
Added 09.19.03
Birthday Card Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. Very tall picture. A birthday card designed for the same person as the "Nightdragon" comic cover on the previous page. It was printed on a small card and managed to survive a trip to Chicago for the comic book convention there. It also marks the first real-life meeting of about nine of my online friends (he was among them as you can guess) and a great time was had by all.
Added 08.11.03
Shaman Rendered in Poser 4, post in Photoshop. This is improv. This is what happens when I load up a figure, sit down for a few hours (okay two nights worth of hours), and just... play. I started because I wanted to try some models I bought, and just kept tweaking things in and out until something came out, namely this. The color scheme was inspired by a happy accident during export when I saw the pic preview in 16 color. The resulting shades were so nice, I ended up recreating them in the final picture.
Added 07.11.03