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The following is my gallery of images created with Poser 4 (occasionally assisted by other software) Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. Please note that a few of the images do contain nudity. It is done it what I believe to be a non-exploitative way, but if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are 100% digital. I have broken the gallery down into pages for better loading time.

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This is Raster... Rendered in Poser, many textures and post in Photoshop. Okay, I admit it, I have a thing for comics. And when the PFO started talking about an anti-software piracy campaign, I decided I needed some mascots, and thus, Raster and Pix were born. Raster was first, and I REALLY like the way he turned out. BTW: For a complete list of everything that went into the duo, click here Added 05.27.01 This is Pix... Rendered in Poser, many textures and post in Photoshop. This was my female counterpart to Raster, and I've very pleased with how she turned out as well. She was actually harder to design than him for one reason: I wanted a character that was tough and a good balance to Raster but still feminine without being slutty. No one takes your cause seriously if your spokesmen is in a thong if you know what I mean. Added 05.27.01
Star Catcher Rendered in Poser, textures and post in Photoshop. I admit it, I have a certain affection for flying, especially on your own wings. This image also marks the first Poser image after several months of focusing on other projects. Not perfect, but a welcome change. Earth image is from NASA. Added 11.01.01 Be Careful What You Download Rendered in Poser, many textures and post in Photoshop. I haven't done a humor piece in a while, so when DAZ3D had a contest, I thought it'd be fun. Basically, you downloaded the cartoon kids models and had to use them in an image somehow. This is what came out. I also consider this my second digital self portrait. BTW: the shirt is based on one I own from a comic called Sluggy Freelance Fun comic. Added 05.09.01
High Flight Rendered in Poser, post in Photoshop. From about November of 2000 to April of 2001, I was in a bad creative slump. Then, on a particularly slow day at work, I started dorking around, and suddenly, this came to me. It felt good to create again, let me tell ya', The poem featured is one I've always liked that was first introduced to me in (of all places) Bloom County. As you could guess, I have a thing for flight. Added 04.06.01 Form And Unity Rendered in Poser. There is a book of photography called "Herbert Migdoll: Dancer's Dancing" published in 1977 which is probably out of print. In it, however is a photograph of the Pilobolus Dance Theater's production of Shizen. That picture was what I tried to recreate here to some degree using Poser and DAZ3D's (formerly Zygote) Michael and Victoria characters. Added 04.15.01
I have Always Been Here Rendered in Poser, post in Photoshop. Music is a great place to get ideas. I was listening to Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason when I got the idea for this piece. The track A New Machine pt.1 has always been a favorite of mine. Not so much a song, but verse (the one recopied here); very dark, but very cool too. Added 11.13.00 A Sudden Summoning Rendered in Poser, post in Painter 5.5. This was my entry into Zygote's calendar contest. I didn't win, but considering they had over 400 entries, I'm not too upset. I tried to use lots of Zygote items in this, primarily costume shop stuff. Note that this is the first image to use my Cobra Dagger, the one that won the props contest. Added 11.13.00
Street Ronin Rendered in Poser, some post in Photoshop. This started out as a prop showcase figure, and, well... I kinda forgot about showcasing the props (The Street Samurai Blade and the High tech Headset). When I was done, I decided that he didn't really look like a Street Samurai, so I had to call him something else, hence the name. (Odd note: his jacket is actually the dress shirt from the Jack Colt image. Just don't look at it from the back ;-) ) Added 10.05.00 Portrait of Detective Jack Colt Rendered in Poser, lotsa post in Painter & Photoshop. I just got the Millennium Man clothing pack, which was a little more formal than I expected, but once I saw the suspenders, this picture came into being. Special thanks to the folks at the PoserForum who gave me the idea of what to call it. Added 10.05.00