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The following is my gallery of images created with Poser 4 (occasionally assisted by other software) Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. Please note that a few of the images do contain nudity. It is done it what I believe to be a non-exploitative way, but if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are 100% digital. I have broken the gallery down into pages for better loading time.

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Untitled Figure Study Rendered in Poser Sketch Renderer. This is not, repeat NOT a drawing. It, like everything else here, is completely digital. I was experimenting with Poser's Sketch Renderer, and liked this so much, I decided to keep it. Added 08.25.00 MINE! Rendered in Poser. Another humor piece. Zygote had just released their new male figure (Michael a.k.a: the Millennium Man), and I had been looking forward to it since the female counterpart, Victoria, had been released, joking that "He will be mine!". This was the first picture I did with him, and features a figure I was working on for a self portrait (the figure is very VERY unfinished here). Silly concept, I know, but it was still fun to do. Added 09.10.00
Cosmic Joker Rendered in Poser, tons of post in Photoshop. Once, I became friends with a pair of guys who were (and still are) professional jugglers/percussionists/entertainers. It was after one of their shows a while back that I created this one. I let it sit on my hard drive until recently, when I reworked it slightly and improved on it with the stuff I'd learned over the past few months. The models (not textures) for the clothes are from Zygote. Added 08.07.00 Hunter of the Air Rendered in Poser. Zygote had a special, and I finally picked up their awesome eagle model. I'd been wanting to do a winged person image for a while, so naturally, that's the first thing I did with it. I don't have Bryce currently, so it took forever to find a good background (which I finally scanned out of a book), which means Bryce is on my "to-buy" list as of now. (heh) Added 08.07.00
Sorcerer Rendered in Poser. Yet another prop showcase piece (I do a lot of these I think). Only difference is, the prop featured is not available. The prop was those spiraling spheres in his hand and around him. I wanted to make a "magic" prop and decided to rework it after someone suggested making it a poseable prop instead, which is a very good idea. It may be a while before this one shows up here though, but c'est la vie. Robe from Costume Shop CD, beard from Zygote, tiara by me. BTW: note the sphere over his hand. I'm not quite sure how I got that effect, but I REALLY like it. Added 07.14.00 Fallen Angel Rendered in Poser, Post (the ray of light) in Photoshop. This is one of those pieces that I don't think I'll ever be completely happy with, but considering that I'd been tweaking it for over four months when the Show Me Your Angels thread appeared at the PFO (which gave me a good excuse to stop tweaking on it), it's not too bad. Believe it or not, this started off way, way early on as a pinup image, until something about the pose made me change directions completely. I believe the wings were originally by Hokusai, but I found them with the joints removed. Short Hair is by Zorbak, and the shackle is by John S. Added 08.07.00
Featured in the PFO August Showcase Gallery
Litch Warrior Rendered in Poser. Another prop showcase piece. This one features my Helm of the Warlord and the Sword of Aries, though it was crated to feature the former. The skeleton is a little lower res than I would have liked, but it was a default Poser model, and it's served me pretty well in the past, so I'm not complaining much. I've taken to using no maps when I do a prop showcase render, mostly to show the versatility of the prop's shading, though sometimes, I get cool effects, like the eyes, which are nothing more than a sphere with funky transparency and highlights. Added 07.14.00 Crown Victoria Figures rendered in Poser. Nothing too technical here, just a fun little piece with a bad pun for a name. This was my first render with Zygote's Victoria model. For those of you who don't know, the Victoria model was a completely reworked female model for Poser 4, designed to be extremely versatile and detailed. I have to say I'm pleased with her for the most part. When I first got her, I decided to do something simple using one of the freebie props also from Zygote (namely the crown). I like how the expression turned out especially much. Added 07.14.00
Willow Prints Her Dress Rendered in Poser. Another attempt at humor. The couple in question are Willow & Grey, founders and prime movers in the PoserForum. Originally, there was going to be a cute little "for-the-heck-of-it" contest making light images in honor of their upcoming wedding. Unfortunately it got cancelled, but the image was finished anyway. I borrowed a lot more on this image than I usually do, due to time constraints. The Chair is from the Props Guild, the girl's hair and the man's face are both from Grey's website, the dress is by PoseWorks, the desk is a White Crow freebie, and the sofa and computer are by Zygote. I built the printer (and plan to clean it up enough to eventually add it to the download section) and all the maps. Added 03.07.00 Balance Figures rendered in Poser, most of the image created in Painter. I created this in one of me more contemplative moods (which don't happen often). The idea was that balance can be achieved by the coexistence of things that appear to be opposites, yin and yang, active and passive, black and white, light and dark, male and female, etc. Most cannot exist or lose their meaning without the other. (Don't worry, I don't try to be deep most of the time, this was just a rare thing ;-> ) Added 03.08.00