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The following is my gallery of images created with Poser 4 (occasionally assisted by other software) Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. Please note that a few of the images do contain nudity. It is done it what I believe to be a non-exploitative way, but if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are 100% digital. I have broken the gallery down into pages for better loading time.

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The Storyteller AVI ANIMATION ~1.8MB Rendered in Poser. This was created while testing a new plugin called Mimic, which does lip synching. All animation (except for the lips) was positioned by me. On the Sixth Day... Rendered in RayDream. It started with a joke someone posted about a group of scientist telling God he was obsolete what with cloning and genetics and synthetics and all, and God challenging them to contest to create a man "the old fashion way"; as the scientists start to gather up the dirt, God says "Hold it... get your own dirt." It's a cute joke, but it also planted an idea in the back of my mind that evolved into this piece, which is a reference to Genesis. Added 03.01.00
Featured in DAZ3D's March 2000 Showcase of the Month
Trident of the Sea King Rendered in Poser. The third "prop show-off" image. Interesting to note: there are no texture maps beyond the one default map on her skin. This is also further proof that the Zygote Costume Shop CD was one of the best investments I've ever made. What a piece of Work is Man... LARGE IMAGE Rendered in Poser. I'm not sure exactly how this one got started, but I think it was actually the melding of two small ideas into one project; one surreal one involving a tattoo, and one less surreal one involving the quote. The image needed to be large so that all the text would be legible, hence the larger-than-normal size. The sketch of the Vitruvian man featured throughout is a scan of a drawing by Leonardo DaVinci.
Featured in Bit By Bit Digital Exhibition, Oct-Nov 2000
Sword of Aries Rendered in Poser. The second of the "prop show-off" pieces, and the first to incorporate the name of the prop. The skeletal minion seemed the most apropos for introducing the new blade. Warrior at Rest Rendered in RayDream. Created after a short, nasty flame war, the concept was a combatant at peace. It was done very VERY quickly, and there are a few things I may change in a later rerender, but that may be a while.
Swordsman Rendered in Poser. This was the first of several images I created to show off my latest prop creations; in this case, the Wisdom Sword, my first real Poser Prop (found on the Download page). I was rather pleased with the face, and definitely pleased with the prop. Loss Rendered in Poser. After a few weeks on the PFO, I'd leaned a ton of techniques, a few of which got employed here. This is also one of the few projects that went right from the very conception. I wanted to capture an emotion, and managed to surprise myself on the final render.
System Down A humor piece, rendered in RayDream. I created it when the PoserFourm Online BB system was acting slower than dirt because it was getting overhauled. This was the first thing that came to mind. Water Spirit Rendered in RayDream, Post in Photoshop. An earlier piece, this was entered in the 2nd annual PoseThis contest. I experimented with a number of new things creating this image, mostly with water and wave effects.