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Poser Tip: Focused Eyes

Here's a simple method for making sure your character's eyes are always focused where you want them to be. It works with the basic Poser 4 characters, the basic Poser 5 characters, and the Millenium figures.

  1. Create or load your character.

  2. Now go into your props library and create a box.
    the box
    Scale it down about 25% of normal size. Name it "[your character's name]_focus". this is helpful if you have multime characters and eend to keep track of where everyone is looking.

  3. Select you character's left eye. Go up to the top and select "Point At"
    From the list, select the prop "[your character's name]_focus"

  4. Repeat with right eye.

  5. Now, move the prop "[your character's name]_focus" to where you want the character to look. Note how they eyes follow it as it moves.
    Once you have "[your character's name]_focus" placed, turn off its visibility using the object's properties so it won't show up in your renders.

    The best thing about this method is that it works great for animation as well. Just animate your box as the character looks around and it takes all the guesswork out of eye position.

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