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Poser Tip: Extra Undo's

Here's a way to give yourself extra levels of undo when you're working on a complex image. Works only for still images.

  1. Create your character. Leave said character in the neutral position for now. Just dress them and set up body and face morphs (except for facial expressions, that's later).

  2. Using the animation slider, move to the next frame.
    animation slider
    Now you can start posing your character or applying preset poses or whatever.

  3. Say, by accident, the pose you loaded wipes out all your facial morphs (or body morphs, or you accidentally screw something up on your character. We'll use the facial morphs for this example) Not a problem. Open up your Animation Pallette.
    animation pallette
    On the second frame of the body part in question, hilight all the information you want to get rid of and hit "Delete" and all of those channels will revert back to their frame 1 state, which SHOULD be your character in the neutral pose if you did step 1. This way, you get to keep everything else.

  4. Now, every time you make a drastic change to your character, you go to the next frame. This includes camera and lighting changes (just make sure you have both checked as "animatiable" if you want to do this). If you don't like where it's going, you can just get rid of all that frame's information as mentioned in step 3.

  5. You can also use this method to get parts of poses without having to lock each joint individually. Just go to the next frame, apply the pose you want to borrow parts from, open the Animation Pallette and delete all the stuff you don't want to keep.

  6. Prop Hint: if your character is holding a prop, it's easiet to position it in the hand in frame 1, parent it, then apply minor tweaks in the later frames if needed. The neutral pose makes it much easier to position the prop before posing the figure rather than waiting until you're well into your posing to position it. Locking the hand parts is a good idea as well, but you can always just delete the posing data on the hand for the current frame if you run into problems.

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