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Welcome to the Voltron:V4 Website, a shared universe for fanfiction writers who enjoy the Voltron series. Think of it as further explorations of the universe, and you get the idea. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Introduction to V4 page.

Still running on lack-o-sleep mode after a hellacious March. Updates coming, promise. Just... soon, I hope.

BTW: if you missed it, I did a small April Fools Joke this year. Much smaller than last year, which upset some people more than I imagined. If you want to see what this year's gag was, Click here and witness as V4 gets bought out. I'll be archiving it later, but it's already late, and I have work in the morning. Speak at you later, but in the meantime,check out the guest book if you haven't already, and don't forget to check out the ever-unusual Round Robin Board.
Mea, 04.02.01

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RELATED NOTE:It seems there's a Voltron Comic Book in the works. A studio called Broken Glass appears to have the rights to make a new comic series based on the force we all know so well. More as I hear of it.

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(what can I say, I've always loved the character [bg])

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