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Behind the Scenes Jamie Snell of Broken Glas Studios

Not since the eighties has there been a comic booked based on Voltron. That is about to change with the coming of Broken Glass Studios, the company assigned with the task of creating this new comic book. To get the inside scoop on the new comic, we talked with Jamie Snell, the artist at Broken Glass to find out more about the new book...

VE: Welcome Jamie. thanks for having this interview with us.

Jamie: No prob. Anytime

VE: So, tell me a little about yourself. I understand you're an artist with Broken Glass Studios.

Jamie: That is correct. Concept sketch by Jamie Snell

VE: How did you get started there?

Jamie: I met Shawn through work couple of years ago, we both found out that we are both into art and comics. He asked me if I could go to the WizardWorld comic convention with Keith (which I have never met yet) and him. I went, met Keith when we picked him up to go to the con.

VE: What made you three decide you wanted to start your own comic book studio?

Jamie: At the con, we all decided to create our own company, doing small press b/w books that we all co-created. We were tired of standing in line at the cons showing our portfolio and getting turned down

VE: Tell me a little about these books? Any I might have heard of?

Jamie: No. Just our own books. None have gotten printed yet. I was to illustrate a book called Cherub that Shawn created and wrote. That was going to be this summer...until Voltron came along.

VE: Yes. how did you decide to do a Voltron Comic book?

Jamie: Well the Voltron fell in out lap. Bradford Licensing came to us with it. They found our website and approached us to do the book. Bradford Licensing is a company that WEP uses to distribute out license for certain things, publications, gifts, novelties, etc.

VE: That was a lucky break. What was it like suddenly having a license just fall into your lap like that?

Jamie: We were skeptical at first. Made sure we did some research on them. It was legit. We gave them a proposal and they accepted it and forwarded it on to WEP

VE: Has WEP and Bradford given you guys any direction on this project, or are they letting you have creative freedom on it? Concept sketch by Jamie Snell

Jamie: Creative freedom, but they do want to look things over first to see if it is ok. Costume designs, story, etc.. Which they are doing now. Waiting on their word.

VE: Speaking of which, what kind of direction are you planning to take with this series?

Jamie: A classic approach Back to the "old school" of things. Not word for word from the series mind you, just going back and starting from scratch. Histories and such too.

VE: Does it look like there will be much changing from what we're familiar with?

Jamie: Some changes. Our own twists to things. Like I said, its not going to be word for word from the original. I guess kinda like all the Fanfics. They have there own story but relating to the original.

VE: You mentioned redesigns, what kind of feel are you going with here? What kind of influences on the new looks?

Jamie: dont know of any influences right of hand. Just a collection of everything I have seen. No finger on anything in particular.

VE: How has production been going so far?

Jamie: Waiting on WEP approval on the modifications, before we proceed with the book. First book is written though.

VE: That's good. Any guess as to when it might be available, if WEP gives you approval?

Jamie: Our planned date is around end of July/beginning of August. That is when WEP gets back to us. I am ready to work on it. Tired of the concept sketch stage.

VE: You are the main artist on the book, correct? So far, what's been your favorite part to draw?

Jamie: The characters. I like doing that the most. I LOVE mechs, but hate to draw them. [laughs] Mechs get so tedious. [laughs] I can do it though. Watercolor by Jamie Snell

VE: As artist, you are giving the book it's "look". Who among Broken Glass is giving it it's "feel"? Who is the main writer?

Jamie: Shawn is the main writer, Keith is co-writing though. We all have to be in agreement with something before we finalize on anything, including art. It's Shawn and Keith writing and color, Marcus inks and some color, and me penciling and all designing. Make sense?

VE: Yes it does. I hear that you're also redesigning the Broken Glass website to reflect your new Voltron book. How is that coming along?

Jamie: I am right now doing the art on them. Should be giving them to Shawn this weekend for him to finish color and then placement on the site. The site of course will be geared towards VOLTRON, all our books are on the back burner now. It will be cool and up to date.

VE: That sounds good. One question that I'm sure has been bothering a number of fans out there for some time now: Will the characters have last names? [laughs]

Jamie: I don't know if we are going to explore that route. Since no family names were given...don't really know. don't want to go against anything. Especially WEP or even the FANS, some can be very vicious. [laughs]

VE: Very true.

Jamie: I just don't want to disappoint the fans at all. Most have been dedicated since the beginning and know EVERYTHING about it. I know we will have some complaining here and there but that is with any movie, book, whatever. We are FAN related company. We want as much involvement with the fans, that is why I jump on the board, in the chats, etc. Some have helped a lot too.

VE: SO I've heard. How has fan interaction helped you guys out?

Jamie: Just with direction and reference. No Fanfics (won't look at them) don't want to do something down the road that I thought of that might have come from one and then get blamed by who ever wrote it that it was there idea. SC and Arus have been a big help

VE: They are regular wellsprings of knowledge aren't they.

Jamie: Yeah.

VE: Well Jamie, I want to thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. We're looking forward to the release of your first issue. And thanks again for the great interview.

Jamie: No prob. hope it was helpful

VE: I think it has. Thanks again.