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Explorer Communiques

This space will be reserved for your letters, our announcements, and assorted editorials. You can contact us at if you have any comments, questions, rants, or just want to say "hi!". As this is our first issue, we thought we'd share how this all got started...

And so it begins...

Greetings to all of you, and welcome to the inaugural issue of the Voltron Explorer. This is our little 'zine written by fans, for fans, about fans and things fans like (we hope).

Why we decided to do this is... well, you know the old saying "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself"? That's basically how it started. World Events Productions, the owners of Voltron, started an official site that included a little thing called Voltron Insights. It was a tiny little 'zine for fans with interviews with members of production, toy design, etc. Initially it was a good idea.

Note I said initially.

There were problems. For one thing, there were huge multi-month gaps where nothing would happen. Then, there was the fateful issue featuring Stealth Voltron. In my opinion (and I imagine many other's opinions), it was one solid issue of propaganda to promote their new toy, the Stealth Voltron. All it was was one big ad. We were appalled.

Then the delays began again.

It was in a chat with one of the producers of Voltron: The Third Dimension that it was suggested that we, the fans, try to put together Voltron Insights. That little suggestion got our minds turning and ideas flowing. We started putting together a 'zine, much like the one you're looking at now. About halfway through, we decided why should we not bask in eh fruits of our labor, and decided not to try to affiliate ourselves with a company, but to be strictly by fans, for fans.

At least, that's the version I like to tell.

Speaking of "By fans...", let me introduce you to our inaugural staff.:

First we have SC, creator of a number of Voltron sites, outspoken member of the VIC (and on the WEP Board), our web reviewer and VIC interviewer. SC's been a prime mover in this project and has helped lay out the structure and direction for the 'zine.

Second, we have Tamy, massively creative writer of many fan fictions and owner of several Voltron fanfiction sites. One of the premiere Voltron parodist (is that a word?), she's lent her wit to our profile section, and hopefully much more in the future.

And finally, there's me, Mea. I've only got one fansite, but I've got graphics software, a creative streak, and I enjoy a challenge. Anything else can be left up to speculation.

Hope you enjoy our first issue, and hopefully, there will be many more in the future. If you've got something to say, just contact us at, and thank you for your support!