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Name: Hunk
Occupation: Pilot of Yellow Lion

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 250

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Favorite Music: Techno Country and Bluegrass

Hobbies: Working on mechanical mecha
cooking, trying out new kinds of food,
Working with kids.

Pet Peeves: Run down and abused machines,
people that mistreat kids,
and lime-flavored Slurpees.

This month's interview focuses on Hunk, the unsung hero who flies Yellow Lion. Hunk is the biggest and strongest of the Voltron Force Team, but he is a gentle giant, with a soft spot for kids and his teammates. When called to fight, however he is strong and fearless. He is the mechanical genius of the group, able to take apart and put together mechanical components with ease. Hunk is also protective of Princess Allura and is almost like a big brother. Pidge is his buddy and although they have had their differences, their friendship remains strong. We spoke with Hunk on how it feels to be the giant of the Voltron Force and also asked a few personal questions to get to know him better.

VE: Well, Hunk, I'm glad you took off from your busy schedule to speak to us today.

Hunk: Oh yeah. No problem.

VE: So, how is Yellow Lion?

Hunk: Purrin' like a kitten! ::Hunk smiles::

VE: I should have expected an answer like that coming from a master mechanic. When did you start working in mechanics?

Hunk: I usta tear apart stuff just ta see how it worked when I was a kid and then put it back together again. So I guess I always tinkered around with stuff.

VE: Wow. That is impressive. I used to tear stuff apart too when I was a kid but I never could put it back together again.

Hunk: It's pretty easy. I mean it is for me anyhow.

VE: What would you say is the number one rule of mechanics?

Hunk: Hm..Duct tape fixes everything..

VE: Hm, THAT'S centainly true!

Hunk: You bet!

VE: Now then, we've all heard of your appetite for food..

Hunk: ::grins sheepishly::Actually, I'm on a low fat diet. All my family is big like me. I do like good food though.

VE: Do vending machines count?

Hunk: Uh no.

VE: Now I know that Pidge sometimes teases you about your intelligence. How does that affect your friendship?

Hunk: It used to burn me up a lot. I mean Pidge is so smart an' all. Sometimes I felt like what I was doin' didn't compare to what he was doin' and it made me feel bad - and angry too. Almost wound up in trouble over that.

VE: And now?

Hunk: Aw he still teases me, but I know it's all in fun. I've learned that maybe I'm not smart like Pidge is but I have a different kind of smart, ya know?

VE: I certainly do. Of course last time I took an IQ test it came out negative.

Hunk: Huh?

VE: Oh never mind. How is it working with the rest of the Voltron Force?

Hunk: It's great. The princess is real strong and she's a real leader though I'm still gonna protect her if she needs it. Pidge is pretty cool too and Lance and Keith.." ::he trails off::

VE: They do clash don't they?

Hunk: Yeah. They do. Makes ya wanta knock their heads together so they'd see sense.

VE: That bad, huh?

Hunk: Not really. I mean they work it out in the end. People just got different kind of smarts, is all. What really matters is that we all work together as a team.

VE: Er - you haven't been coached by Keith for this interview, have you?

Hunk: No way!

VE: Well, you've really hit upon some great answers, Hunk. Very insightive.

Hunk: Thanks. Hey, you know you shouldn't lean back too far in that chair. Looks like a loose bolt on it.

VE: This chair? No, I'm sure it's fine. Thanks for your time Hunk and -

Hunk: You really shouldn't lean back.. :;worriedly::

VE: Nonsense! Now next time we'll - aaaaaahhhh!

Hunk: Toldja not the lean back too far!

VE: ::struggles off the floor where the chair dumped him::Um, yes. Anyway, that's it for now!