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Their Own Universe
Focus on: Son of Keith
Amber talks openly about her fanfic, Son Of Keith, characters, inspirations, influences and story.

A number of things inspired me to write Son Of Keith. I felt that a lot of existing fanfiction on the web had pretty much covered all of the possible story arcs that could involve The Voltron Force, Lotor, Zarcon and Hagar. For example, as much as I enjoy reading stories about a marriage between Keith and Allura, I aw the potential for more to be developed and explored in the Voltron Universe. This is what prompted me to set my fanfiction 25 years into the future. I saw a chance to mirror the relationships between some of the original characters of Voltron through new characters...except the relationships explored in my story are a bit more dark and realistic in nature. As a result, I feel that many of the readers can identify with these characters b/c maybe they can find shadows of themselves with these people. This is not to toot my own horn or anything, but when I write my fiction, I always try to answer the question of why my readers would care about these people and their experiences.

Kalen, Keith's son (if you want to find out if he is Allura's son, you will have to read SOK) was the first character I created. Originally I thought of modeling him after Keith and make him out to be the "straight and and narrow" leader who was stoic in nature. However, then I felt that making him out to be a guy who was more roguish in nature would make for a more interesting interaction with an older Keith. This also shows that Keith is not perfect. I think that people will be able to relate to him more. Although Kalen is unaware of it, he is on a mission of self-discovery. Yes, he is aware of his full parentage, but he truly does not know who he is or the great implications of this burden. In this respect I sort of modeled him after Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars trilogy.

Isis was created as a result of a thread posted on the first WEP board about the lack of minorities within the Voltron World. Although, as a nine year old, Allura was one of my favorite all time cartoon characters, I did have a hard time relating to her blue eyes and blonde hair and perceived helplessness. I hope that Isis' leadership and strength is not only inspiring to young Black and Hispanic women who may read my stuff, but also to those women among us who for whatever reason struggle with pressure to conform to "ideal" standards of beauty. Jamie was created to display how men in any century have difficulties relating to strong women like Isis.

Think of SOK as a journey of self discovery. At times, self discovery can be positive and at times it can be negative. This journey will take the characters to many worlds and also to another time. In this process, Kalen will experience great pain from the two people that he would have least expected to bring him this pain. Also, a secret that he will discover will change his life dramatically. An old friend will reappear in Keith's life who will challenge him to move on with his life and release his anguish. He may also be given the chance to be granted an ultimate wish, but discovers in that process that it may not bring him the joy that he expected. Isis's loyalty, honor and strength will be tested throughout.

C-Bear of A Princess and Her Knight influenced me to write my fiction. Her fiction is just so vivid and picturesque that one can't help but to be inspired by it. It definitely left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside...sigh.

Rayne and Siryn are also two other writers who influenced me. I enjoy the innocence and the purity of their writing. When one reads their work one can tell that they are truly people with integrity. I also value the support that they have given me from the very beginning of SOK.

My mom has been really supportive of me. Anytime I am down she encourages me to write because she has seen first hand how therapeutic it is for me. Erica, my best friend of 18 years has also been quite supportive. She actually came up with Kalen's name. She has been helping me throughout this process. She is also like the sister I have never had. SC has helped me out as well. I doubt that I would have ever posted my fiction b/c I have absolutely no talent or taste when it comes to web design and maintaining a site. She has a heart of gold and I hope that I will be able to meet her one day to tell her this face to face. ! *snugs Amber*! I'd also like to send love to Dala who is an awesome chica. She has done artwork for my site and has encouraged me. I'd also like to send love to Lion who has also done artwork for me and who also gave me the constructive criticism that I needed. There are just so many people in the VIC who have supported me and for that I am grateful.

I realize that there may be people out there who are quite frustrated with me because I have not posted in quite a while. I just ended my first year of grad school and I really had nothing left after classes to put into SOK to do it justice. I have not forgotten any of you or SOK. I have the entire story arc mapped out in my head and now it is just a matter of putting it down on paper. I really hope that my work inspires anyone who reads it. I value that more than any exposure that I may get from SOK. Please, if you ever have any questions or suggestions for me about SOK or if you ever just want to chat, email, IM, or ICQ your message away. I am always looking for people to chat with! Peace and Good karma!


Artwork for this article done by Dalanar and Lion for Son of Keith.