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Website Reviews
Accessing: DMD's Voltron Page

Vital Statistics:

Web Site: DMD's Voltron Page


Webmaster: David Mark Din

Launched: July 1997

Status: Active

Reviewed by: SC

The site has a simple design, clean and efficient. Mark uses "PC and Mac user friendly" fonts, no exotic, fancy or otherwise decorative fonts, making his site content legible. The use of a modest space printed background adds color to the site without distracting the user from the site's content.  Images are used to give the site a "Voltron" feel though sparingly to ensuring that the pages' loading times will be short. Mark does use java, in a limited manner, for aesthetic purposes only and no DHTML (from what I could tell, anyway). As such, the pages are "Netscape proof", viewing the same in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. No programming or code tricks here. Just treats.

The site functions very well. Updated and accurate internal and external links ensure that users do not get that annoying "404 error" junk whenever they click on a link. Areas of the site are easily accessible and things are well organized. Golion things with Golion Things, Dairugger XV things, with Dairugger XV things, etc.  The site is rather large, containing information on all three Voltron series and each anime the series were dubbed from.  Mark recognizes the need for organizing such an expansive and thorough site.

The site is LOADED with information on Voltrons I, II and III, Golion, Dairugger XV, Albegas and more. 10 out of 10 for interesting and informative content! There are several very unique things on Mark's site including original Golion art and other original images, sounds, statistics on the lions, the toys and the lion pilots, censored images from Dairugger XV, a free classified ads section, the infamous Golion Petition and so much more. It's a fun site with lots to do. The site has been instrumental in further educating many Voltron fans and helping Voltron webmastrers in the creation of their own Voltron related fansites.

Artwork taken from David Mark Din's Golion art book.